Attractive Minisite Design Clicks with E-Buyers


Minisite is high on hype, there is no denying the fact. Many businesses own a minisite apart from having a website to ensure more positive influence on their sales chart. A minisite design is one product centric. To put in other words, a minisite promotes only a single product and not a bouquet of offering. However, that, in no way, means it is easier to design a minisite and you can achieve your goals in spite of making a lean effort. Let us first look at how a minisite can hit your business promotion and sales with an energetic boost:

  • Increases sale through sales letter
  • Promotes affiliate or advertising links
  • Welcomes new subscribers by driving them through the landing page

Prime goal of designing a minisite is to ensure direct response in an overwhelming number. A minisite is a good working tool as far as your marketing objective is concerned. A gaudy look is pathetic whereas almost a blank design grabs no eyeballs. It implies that you should take a mid-way approach so that users always feel tempted to make a comeback and click their way to purchase. Let’s have a quick glance over some basic facts that will help you with making an attractive minisite design.

Make Your Copy Attractive

A good look is a winner everywhere. But the look should be rightly balanced with powerful, crispy and concise content so that it does not beget boredom to the prospective buyers. An attractive design with no catchy headline or compelling story scores low when it comes to accomplishing your goals of money making. Your content should give the visitors enough reasons to sign up/buy.

Enticing Graphics Trigger E-Visitors’ Interest

There are many ways to engage the e-crowd with your minisite design.  A complete package of engaging and relevant images, sound, videos and other features that attribute to enhanced interactivity improves the chance of getting more leads and a better convertibility. Studies show that only a tiny slice of e-visitors takes interest in content reading. By using a powerful combination of other things apart from words, you can improve conversion rate more convincingly and quickly.

A minisite is a cost-effective choice to branch out your business online. Just imagine how much time it will take for a copywriter to dash off those hundreds of lines to describe your company, business motto and product details. A good copywriter will charge a hefty fee that you can easily avoid by choosing a cheap minisite design. Just a right balance of captivating graphic and a few lines of content will bring traffic in hordes and you will feel the magic in your cash box.


Ebook Cover Design – Beauty Begets Money


Cover of a book is as important as the material contained within. It creates impression on the readers as well as gives them a hang of what the book is all about. Is it a murder mystery, science fiction, autobiography or a reflection on social conflict or international crisis? More than often, the readers throw a glance at the cover to judge the book.

Importance of Ecover

Ebook is fairly a new concept though has revolutionized the world of readers in a way that was least imagined even a decade ago. Now you just need a computer and internet connection to read the latest fictions or all-time classics. Ecover designs demand the same attention just like any book cover. It should be impressive enough to persuade the bookworms to make a purchase and go through it. In a word, it should be a delight on the eyes of visitors browsing through the online book stores sites.

In this era of digital marketing, you have to keep pace with the worldwide show business presented through online. Nothing sells if it is not liked by the potential buyers at the first glance. There is no way to judge if what the book withholds will be a pleasant reading or not. They make an idea from the cover. If they like it, they make a choice to buy the book, if not, they look for a better looking ecover.

Finding an expert designer for ebook cover is extremely important to make money though little difficult it will be for you. Everyone is claiming that it is next to none. To be precise, a plethora of options for choice and ad world are adding to the difficulties of locating the right person to be entrusted with designing job.

When you are a Designer

If you are confident of your creativity, why not try out cover design on your own? There are several online ecover design sites where you can get some ideas from. You must be skilled in using most popular designing software like Paint or Photoshop. These software applications are equipped with multiple tools that enable you to create and customize your ebook cover according to the presumed taste of your target readers as well as what embodies the subject matter.

Play around these tools to create a stand-out and eye-catching piece of cover design. It is not that an ornamented depiction sweeps away the readers. Truth is, most of the time simplicity is a winner. Design an ecover that rightly portrays the subject matter in a subtle and simple way to please even the most tired eyes of your audience.

Names of the heavyweights in the literature world are enough to draw attention of the readers. Their works are never judged by their book covers. Until you get that stature, pay extra attention to your ecover design. After all, your pen is the medium to earn penny.

Benefits of Professional E-Cover Design


Are you in the final stage of ebook launch? You have punched contents and graphics and the last thing to do is to create an ecover design. What people will discover in your book is most important but there is no way to play down the importance of attractive packaging, looks win the heart too. You might be hiring someone for designing, still do your research on the subject to input your own suggestion in this context.

Cheap covers are most demanded while a few stick to only quality. Cheap design is just like run-of-the mills whereas high quality comes at a good price. It will take you few days to forget high cost but quality will be remembered for a long time. A highly professional ecover designer will have an eye for beauty and detailing that will make the cover a stand-out in look. Though professional designing will make your pocket lighter by few extra dollars but you will get good return for that much additional investment.

The most important point of ecover design is apart from being appealing, it should be relevant to the materials inside. Professional designers take multiple factors into consideration while working on cover design. A generic look will be more damaging for your ebook as cover is the very first thing noticed by the readers. Lack of visual appeal will not go well with the sale of your ebook. If judged from that angle, a cheap ecover will ultimately ruin your chance of making more money through ebook sale.

Design your ecover in such a way that it doesn’t fail to invite the attention of the target readers. E-cover design must be inviting so that they pause to stare and skim through the pages. That makes the goal of ebook launching extremely successful and your book will sale like hot cakes on the virtual world.

Leaving the designing job to a professional designer means you are relieved of concentrating on designing aspect and can invest the time to look into other chore business details. It is important that you choose a designer with good amount of work experience. Sometimes, inexperienced hand produces striking result but that is a rarity, so stick to the rule if you don’t find a brilliant exception.

A professional ecover designer must have an artistic sense and good concept of colors. Ecover is a different canvas where the designer has to put in his ideas in colors and contours. He must have a distinct working style that makes it sure you will get a unique look for your minisite design.

An ecover is not only a cover on your ebook but actually a sales pitch to promote your effort online. Given such high importance of ecover, make sure you are hiring someone not on the basis of cost but on strength of his excellence and expertise in this field.

Make your Online Presence Felt with eCover Expert



As a business group or individual, the primary goal should be to make people aware of the products and services that you actually provide. And, if that means putting the sweetest fairy tale forward, then you need to do that. At e-Cover Expert, we provide you multiple tools for online advertising campaigns.

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Well, this seems to be the most important question but the answer is quite simple. “We Are Trustworthy”. In other words, you can trust us. We have a team of qualified designers and developers who can combine technical skills and creativity to give you a winning edge in this highly competitive world.

  • Our Mission

Our clients have used our minisite template and have successfully transformed visitors into prospective customers. Well, our mission is to connect with our clients so that we can understand their business and products (services in some cases) in a better way. Only through proper understanding and a healthy environment, we can experience economic progress and growth.

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Our services are very affordable. Be it a minisite design or any other ecover designs you can always be assured that you have opted for services under affordable range. Well, as a matter of fact, we try to specifically serve the needs of the newcomers. As a result, we try to keep our services within affordable range so as to help the newcomers to success.

  • Design Services

Design Services are all about creativity. We may specialise on ecover and minisite template designing, but as a whole our prime objective is to provide you an entire bunch of designing solutions. The more attractive your site is, the more visitors it gets. And, at the end of the day, more visitors mean more customers for your offline business.

  • Quick Response

Well, when it comes to responding to the orders of the clients, we are definitely faster that our counterparts. In case you are not satisfied with a particular design, we would revise it again and again to get the right mix that can finally satisfy you.

  • Made for the Market

Our designs and products are designed keeping in mind the interests of the market. In true sense, you can always think that designing products becomes absurd if it fails to get the correct response in the market. Our specialisation on contemporary advertising platforms like WordPress shows our interest in improving ourselves with the changing scenario.

So, if you are interested in availing our quality services, you can always contact us. We promise to put all our efforts to build a good business relationship solely on the grounds of good work and professional ethics. Reach out to us and give your business a trendy makeover.