Attractive Minisite Design Clicks with E-Buyers


Minisite is high on hype, there is no denying the fact. Many businesses own a minisite apart from having a website to ensure more positive influence on their sales chart. A minisite design is one product centric. To put in other words, a minisite promotes only a single product and not a bouquet of offering. However, that, in no way, means it is easier to design a minisite and you can achieve your goals in spite of making a lean effort. Let us first look at how a minisite can hit your business promotion and sales with an energetic boost:

  • Increases sale through sales letter
  • Promotes affiliate or advertising links
  • Welcomes new subscribers by driving them through the landing page

Prime goal of designing a minisite is to ensure direct response in an overwhelming number. A minisite is a good working tool as far as your marketing objective is concerned. A gaudy look is pathetic whereas almost a blank design grabs no eyeballs. It implies that you should take a mid-way approach so that users always feel tempted to make a comeback and click their way to purchase. Let’s have a quick glance over some basic facts that will help you with making an attractive minisite design.

Make Your Copy Attractive

A good look is a winner everywhere. But the look should be rightly balanced with powerful, crispy and concise content so that it does not beget boredom to the prospective buyers. An attractive design with no catchy headline or compelling story scores low when it comes to accomplishing your goals of money making. Your content should give the visitors enough reasons to sign up/buy.

Enticing Graphics Trigger E-Visitors’ Interest

There are many ways to engage the e-crowd with your minisite design.  A complete package of engaging and relevant images, sound, videos and other features that attribute to enhanced interactivity improves the chance of getting more leads and a better convertibility. Studies show that only a tiny slice of e-visitors takes interest in content reading. By using a powerful combination of other things apart from words, you can improve conversion rate more convincingly and quickly.

A minisite is a cost-effective choice to branch out your business online. Just imagine how much time it will take for a copywriter to dash off those hundreds of lines to describe your company, business motto and product details. A good copywriter will charge a hefty fee that you can easily avoid by choosing a cheap minisite design. Just a right balance of captivating graphic and a few lines of content will bring traffic in hordes and you will feel the magic in your cash box.


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