Ebook Cover – How to Design It Effective with Little Effort

Ebook is increasingly becoming an important element for the online advertisers to make money without going out of home. It is true that quality content is the main element that will drive the visitors to your ebook and make a purchase of it. However, that does not demean the importance of ecover design to attract a ‘hot cake’ sale.

Of course, it is a better idea to hire a professional graphic designer to design your ecover. You have to spend a small fortune for that but your ecover will get an out-of-the-box and most professional look. However, if you have just started with very little budget for e-marketing, then there are multiple alternative options to help you with cheap ecover design. The great point is they allow you to create your ebook cover yourself.

The best thing is to install some high-end graphic designing software applications like Adobe Photoshop. With it, you can manipulate the graphics to lend them the look of an ebook, a software box or a DVD/CD. However, you can create magic with Photoshop only if you are an expert designer having a lot of experience in this line, otherwise it will just be a big waste of your valuable time. An alternative way is to use Photoshop Action Scripts. It will help you create boxes or cases of different shapes just at a few clicks of mouse. Such scripts come with a Cover Action Pro or Cover Software Pro.

There are several software programs which are specially designed for crating ecover. They give you a good assist either from the scratch or to work on what you have already designed in Photoshop. And you don’t need to work round the clock, only a few clicks will solve your problem. You can create most stunning and professional looking cover for your ebook. These software programs are equipped with a good host of graphic tools. By using them, you can add reflection or shadow effect to your ebook cover. The objective is to design a classy look that will make an appeal to the prospects and interest them to find out what is written within.

So you see that even basic design skill can take you far if you can squeeze some time to make your own ecover. Having marketing flair is also important as you are doing all these with a view to market your ebook. Remember that your design should be eye-catching and a stand-apart from others available in abundance on the internet. A combination of elegance and exclusivity is what will make your potential customers to open their wallet with a smile.

After browsing is complete, open the bookmarked templates. Compare them to find pros and cons of every template. That works better if you narrow your choices to the most striking design. It is also crucial for you to pinpoint the features that you want your minsite to have. If you think that a particular minisite lacks in those features, close it and shift your attention to other templates. Go on navigating until you get the most suitable choice.


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