Ebook Design – Is It Really Important to Enjoy Good Sale


In a growingly competitive and continuously evolving digital marketplace, you have to struggle hard to give others in race a run for money and fame. You are a brilliant writer and have rich innovative ideas, yet that X-factor might be missing when it comes to marketing. Your products are not finding customers. Could it be put down to ignoring an essential aspect of ebook marketing? Does your book have an excellent ebook cover?

It is highly likely that as a writer, you are too occupied with material to pay attention to packaging. Material is the only important thing for you. If you can weave a tout plot, your ebook will sale like a hot cake, that’s what you think. That concept does not go well with the modern world where marketing is no less a crucial aspect than what is thrown within your ebook. You need to understand ecover is the sales page of your product, i.e. your ebook.

If your ebook design does not appeal to readers, they won’t spend money to get your ebook. If they don’t buy your book, how they can know the material within is pleasant reading. Close your eyes and think for a moment that your ebook cover has no images or graphics art on it. Just a monotone color with the book title and author’s name is only what you have put together on the cover page. Do you think that it is enough to secure a good sale? No, because while flipping through the pages, the readers will only find more peepers and less salt with no images thrown around.

Apart from the children, the grown-up individuals too like visual elements. Images and graphics give them a break from rambling of black texts on white background. The children’s books have a lot of images on cover as well as inner pages. However, the books written for the grown-up individuals have images usually on the cover page. It is the ecover designs that give the potential readers a hint about what kind of plot the books are based on. They expect a high relevance between the image on the coverage page and the content.

Without an appealing and interesting design, your ebook cover will look dry and is less likely to find more buyers. You need to produce a good balance of color, images and content to present your product in the most exciting way. It is all about creating the first impression, if you are successful, huge sale is almost a certainty. 


Hire an minisite expert for professional design


For the small and medium sized businesses, it poses a challenge to get a designer who is highly proficient and experienced yet offers affordable service. Don’t prioritize only a single factor; rather consider multiple aspects while being on lookout for a good designer. Ask him if he can produce a few samples of his previous work. Any good professional will love to do that. Do you see a good amount of variety in his work? If yes, it is great because unique minisite design and customized service are high on demand these days. Has he been working in this line for many years or has just started? Most of the time, experience is a reliable index to excellence.