Ecover Design – Will 3D Graphics Work


A cover occasionally drops a hint about if the book will read well or not. Even a boring story book may have a decent-looking cover design and vice versa. So the lesson for you – the book worms and even occasional readers – never judge a book just by its cover. Still, look is important.

A striking look never fails to create first impression in this material world. So there is hardly any way to deny the importance of a stunning 3D graphic image on a book’s cover page. Even it is an ebook, you need an outstanding design to draw attention of the prospective book lovers.

According to the experts, a 3D ecover design can draw a big pool of traffic, earning the publishers a hefty amount in return.

3D cover – what is it all about?

An ebook is just like any other book only with a difference that it is read online. Ebook comes in digital format. The number of online readers is growing at a rapid pace because ebooks are easily available. A few decades ago when ebook was not so popular, the designers used to create covers for the printed books.

These days, the same crews have changed their pitch to designing graphics for ebook covers. If the design is beautiful and done professionally, it could attract more readers and earn the writer as well as publisher a good fortune. So if you are convinced about significance of a pretty 3D ecover graphic, which will make money trickling to your cashbox, hire a graphic designer of high water.

Money is a factor for those who do not own a heavy financial muscle but it pays dividends if you value knowledge, skill and experience of a designer before hiring a hand to create magic for your ecover design.

What are the basic features of a damn good ebook cover graphic?

You must have high creative talent to design a cover page, whether it is for your printed book or ebook. One must have excellent colour sense and brilliance in artistry in order to design a catchy graphic. However, if you want a 3D graphic for cover page, the designer must have good technical skill about graphic software.

Plenty of 3D software applications are easily available and extensively used by the graphic design companies worldwide. If graphic software is used in combination with high level of technical and creative artistry, it will produce realistic result for your cover page.


Cover design of an ebook must have consistency with what the inner pages offer. An ecover should provide enough clues to what the readers will discover in inner pages. The design must be unique, inspiring and engaging. Above all, it must be tempting to influence the readers’ decision making process in favour of book purchase.

Will special effect be good for ebook cover?

There is no cut and dried policy with regards to elements of your ecover design. The main objective is to design an attractive cover page that will not fail to appeal to the consumers. Yes, you can add effects such as emboss, glossy or anything else, but make sure not to overdo it. 


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