Minisite Design – How to Optimize It in Search Engine Listing



Search engine optimization is a must whether you have a big website or a minisite. SEO is a strategy, which if implemented precisely, will bring in more traffic. If you have a traditional website of multiple pages, each of them needs to be optimized for the targeted keywords to improve rankings in the search engine pages. However, a minisite usually has one or two pages and so it will not take much of effort to optimize the site and improve its ranking in search engines.

However, a major question is if the minisite can compete with the enormous websites from SEO viewpoint. Let us find out that.

Contrary to common perception – even many SEO professionals think that way – minisites can perform extremely well in search results as they have only one or two pages listed in the search engines. In fact, these minisites have several and significant advantages over the huge websites. A minisite design is always meant to attract the target customers who prefer or are showing interest in a certain product that can fulfill their need. It means these minisites can be more specific to the target keywords that the huge websites often tend to ignore.

These target keywords are not those which are often used to search a particular product/service but they do not face high competition either. So for a minisite, it is easier to rank highly for those particular keywords. However, selecting those keywords is most difficult as a lot of your site’s ranking depends on this aspect. What is more, it marks the beginning of your SEO effort.

A minisite is not a place where a lot of information is provided unlike the big websites. It is never rich in content and you have to describe your product/service, special launch or offer in a few words. The article must be short, well-written and to the point. Enlist 10-20 keywords that are likely to be used by the internet surfers to locate your website/find your product. Once selected, make a meaningful use of these keywords in your minisite content. Do not overstuff your content with keywords as it will render your writing a meaningless stuff.

These techniques will give your minisite significant advantage over its big competitors but there is no guarantee that your site will rank number one in the search engine.

Here are some other suggestions for how your minisite can rank high in search results:

Title Tag

Include the most important keyword in title. A title length should not exceed six words; otherwise it may take considerable weight away from the keywords, thereby obstructing page listing in the search engines.

Description Tag

It is placed before the Meta keywords tag and after the Title tag, providing an in-brief yet engaging description for the search engine result pages. Develop a keyword-rich description for this tag, which will give some weight to your minisite design in the search result pages.

Header Tag

It is the most important tag for your minisite. It is the first part of source code, which is visited by the search engine spider. Search engines gather maximum information about your minisite from the header tag.


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