How to Turn Your Minisite Design into a Brand


Ask web designers and SEO professionals about whether there is any prospect of minisite launch and they will give you an affirmative answer. They will guarantee that these sites, though mini in size, can generate income in profusion, only if these spell charm, integrate relevant information and images as well as exhibit professional look. And yes, how can you allow yourself to forget about good SEO work for top-tier ranking of your minisite?

Industry is not without those who never pay much of attention to minisite design on a mediocre domain and then start screaming at the top of their voice, “Minisite never works, I have lost money on it without any return. However, the realty is much different as has been already stated. If you build a good minisite with catchy and informative content with proper keyword density, do strong SEO work and have a high CPC, you will be able to make $30-$40/month.

It is definitely not a big figure but surely paves way for minting more. You get an idea to start and the rest depends on how intelligently you can use your site to make investment boomerang in terms of more return. One thing is most important – you have to latch onto effective SEO work. If your minisite remains untouched for a long time, there is a chance for it to be outranked by your online business rivals. They will take traffic away from your site and turn your cash generator into nobody on Google Page 2.

That leads to an important topic – subject matter of this write-up – how to turn your minisite into a profitable brand.

There are some minisites which are making a modest amount in the neighborhood of $30-$40 per month but they can make much more than this petty sum. Scalability is a major issue. It is less likely to turn 100 minisites into a brand. But you can choose top ten minisites and provide them with much-needed TLC so that they become a brand. Advertisers will approach you and you can make a sensible switch from affiliate marketing or PPC to lead generation and direct advertising.

Here are three proven and powerful ways to take success of your minisite design to a new high and turn it into brand.

Twitter: Twitter can contribute a lot towards brand building as you can use this social network site to reach people, inform them about things pertaining to your minisite and help them find out your brand. Pick up one from your top performing sites, create your Twitter account and start tweeting 1-2 times a day. Start networking with those who are looking for more information related to your brand or minisite.

Professional Logo: Logo is a conspicuous absence on many minisites. Instead, these sites contain, on top of the page, their name in some boring fonts. A logo reflects professionalism, so make sure to hire an expert graphic designer. You have to splash out just $20-$30 but in return, you will have a decent-looking logo which will add credibility to your minisite design and overall brand.


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