Ecover Design – Choose Right Typography & Fonts to Ensure Salability

ImageDuring my long spell in graphic design industry, I have picked up some lesser known but very useful words. One of them is “shlock”. It was only in my early year as a graphic designer, when I heard it for the first time from my Art Director. On my asking, he explained the word has an English origin and means “something inferior or shoddy”. To put in other word, it refers to something that can be least expected to work best for you.

Now I have got to understand that choosing any color or font simply means that the design will turn out shlock. When looking back, I feel some of my ecover design works could have been done better though these were appreciated. But that trick, which I have learnt over time, makes all the differences between a good design and a great design.

e-Cover is not about only a pretty collage of look and letters. Behind the pretty ‘things’ is your hard work and effort. An ecover wraps up content that is just like your ‘baby’, you are expectedly more protective towards it. But then why many writers and publishers encase their manuscripts in a shlock wrapper? A possible answer is they are yet to understand nuances of marketing tricks, especially if it comes to internet marketing.

Take it seriously

Some of ecovers are very appealing while others are just sterile. I often wonder if hundred copies of these books sell well in the market. So if you want to make money from your wiring, marketing or publishing profession, take extra care of ecover. For your target audience, the book is as good as it ecover design.

A cover is the first thing that will come in notice of the book worms. So it should be enticing, making the audience believe that inner staff is interesting to read. If the content is good to read, the writer and publisher must put extra effort in cover designing. If the book is your baby, you will surely not like it to be wrapped in a dirty blanket, will you?


Fonts & Typefaces

Selecting the right typeface is important when you are designing an ebook cover. Choose one that perfectly goes well with your cover page design. Some reference books are available in the market to guide you how to avoid less ideal or less popular font combinations. Most of these books contain more or less 50 fonts, which are usually built in your system. But you may have to purchase a typeface as it is sometimes a requirement for quality design.

It is crucial for an ecover design to be highly polished. If you are undecided on use of right fonts for your ebook cover page, browse through online book stores, especially Amazon. You will understand how the authors and publishers spend thoughts and time to come up with an engaging cover page.

When you put in a great deal of work to write a manuscript, it sounds a sensible idea to take some special care for packaging and presentation.


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