Creating Graphics for Minisite Design


Attractive graphics are a part of any minisite design. More than words, it is image that creates the first magic and stamps the first impression on the visitors’ mind. And who not knows that first impression works wonder to influence the target audience to stay on the website, return to it and make a purchase after a few visits.

Every website is meant to bring traffic, generate leads and convert them into visitors. A 100% conversion rate is most unlikely, so the entrepreneurs can only target a high buyers-to-leads ratio. Higher the ratio, the better! Use of fascinating, realistic and relevant graphics is instrumental to minisite success, making your dream come into reality.

Hire a Designer

If you want a unique and eye-catching design for your minisite, the first aspect is all about creating graphics or selecting images. Designing graphics from the scratch takes a lot of time. But more than that, it is something that requires top-notch expertise. This is the scenario where intervention of a professional expert is extremely important.

The designer may create the images out of nothing or give a twist to relevant photographs for the same purpose. Whatever way they apply, excellent output through minisite design is always guaranteed. Furthermore, they take comparatively less time to complete the work, which might take a novice a few months to finish.

Before approaching a designer, you need to be sure if the person is the right choice to be tasked with design duties. Make sure he has proven track record of excellent graphic designing. A professional with long years’ of experience usually has their work profiles on their website. Navigate through his work samples; you will guess if the person deserves your trust.

Cooperate with Your Designer

Hiring a designer never means that you won’t have any say during phase of designing. You may not be a pro in this line but are likely to have an eye for beauty. First of all, do specify what you want or if you like your minisite to be modeled on a particular site design. Be frank with your designer and bond with the person just like a good friend. Share your ideas with him, no matter how much peculiar they sound.

What colors do you prefer? Minisite design is usually limited to use of 2-3 colors. Put forward your suggestion, no matter whether it is accepted or faces rejection. At every phase of designing, be sure what has been done till date is according to your specifications. If you ever need to change design, ask your designer if he can accommodate those changes.

What about Minisite Templates?

Website templates are high on demand. This is because; producing quality design gets easier with help of templates. Everything is almost done there, what remains is just a little work from your end. However, there is heavy chance that template-based minisite will not be totally unique in look.

Fresh and attractive – these are two prime qualities of a good site design. Keeping that in mind, you should engage a designer instead of relying on template, even though it will add to your expenses.


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