Minisite Design – 8 Important Graphic Tips to Enhance Conversion


It is not an unknown fact that a picture says more than constellation of words. However, only half of this saying is true as a picture is equal to 1000 words only if it is engaging and properly placed. Even when you are using an image, it is less likely to replace the content especially if the web of words is right and relevant. However, if you want to replace good content with graphics, there are some workable tips to follow. This way, the graphics on your minisite design will attract more visitors and play a key role to convert them into customers.

Tips #1

If you are designing graphics for minisite header, leave enough of white space at the bottom of the image and allow some elements to overlap the colored as well as white area. That will make the object point down to the body copy, thereby attracting visitors’ curious glances into the same.

Tips #2

While designing minisite, work like a pro. Make sure to use ALT tags for the images. This is because; doing so will improve your minisite rank in the search engine result pages. ALT tags coupled with keywords evenly distributed throughout the body of content play a great part to dominate the search result based on your listed keywords.

Tips #3

Use only graphics for your minisite design to send your specific product-related or overall business message across the community of target customers. Don’t use graphics in thumbnails as the visitors won’t like straining their eyes to view the images on your minisite.

Tips #4

Select different fonts for heading, sub-headlines and body copy, it will help the headline image stand out from the rest of your minisite.

Tips #5

Follow the simple tricks to divert the visitors’ attention to the target areas. For example, use bullets for the listed benefits on your minisite graphics – benefits that can be gained from whatever you are offering through your website. The minisite graphics must be large enough and the fonts should be readable so that the visitors don’t have to try hard to know what the offer is all about, how it is unique from others and what more they can enjoy by making a purchase.

Tips #6

It is not that graphics placed at the upper part of a minisite design are important and those appearing at the footer area are overlooked. In fact, you should exercise caution while selecting images for the footer area and placing them. One point you must remember during footer graphics placement that there must be enough of white or blank space in the upper portion of the images. Such arrangement will see the object overlapping the white space as well as colored area at the footer section and this way, the object will point upwards to the body copy and drive the visitors’ glances to the same.

To make your minisite graphics more attractive to the visitors, you need to know the art of sophisticated presentation through simplification of things. Minisite is a collage of graphics and images. Right selection and placement of images, clarity and quality of messages and contrast between colors as well as blank spaces catch prospective customers’ attention and translate their window-shopping habit into behavioral pattern of purchase.


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