Minisite Design – Is It Steps Ahead of Social Media Sites from Sales Viewpoint


Today net-savvy people are almost getting crazy over social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, with the later being the most popular. Almost anyone has an account on these sites. However, there is one thing that neither your social networking presence nor traditional website will do – to sell your product/service.
There are multiple reasons why a minisite design is miles ahead in the world of internet marketing. Those powerful features – explained later in this write-up – clearly show why minisites outsmart social media when it comes to online sale. Here are 3 top reasons why minisites outsell even heavyweight social networking sites.

Single Purpose


A social media page also presents information and it does so in several ways. You post comments, share pictures and videos and tweets – these are the ways to stay connected with others on the sites. Your social media activities help others know about what you sell and information about your brand. But on flipside, you could see your sale message being drowned amidst the crowd of thousands of messages, images and content.
Now consider about minisite. It is purpose-made to market only a single product. The focused approach to selling makes the single page minisite more powerful as compared to regular website. A minisite design is meant to support the purpose of your sales message which is to encourage the buying click from the visitors.

Not keen to buy


When someone visits your minisite, he knows it very well what you want him to do. The target visitors take a tour of your website to learn what your product is all about, how it is different from others and if it can satiate their needs. It means those visiting your minisite are more in a frame of mind to buy something.
Social networking sites are usually not meant for sharing sales messages. In other words, these are never sale-centered. Do you remember when you last visited Facebook or Twitter to purchase something? This is the reason why sales messages get easily lost on these social networking sties. Those in your friend list would like it, share it but are less likely to buy your product on social media.

Single Page Presence

Social networking sites have multiple pages on different subjects. The readers are in habit of clicking between pages via links or content. This is a great concept for browsing. But what feels good on social media sites would be a disaster for your sales page.
The single page format of minisite design signifies when the visitors click on the sales page, they don’t need to navigate through other pages. Everything that they are looking for is on the page. A minisite earns you a greater control and your message is well received by the readers. This is another strong reason why a single-page minisite is a preferred choice when it comes to effectively conveying your sales message.

Final Word

If you are so impressed by internet hype that you want to transfer your marketing and selling requirements from minisite to social media, give it a second thought before taking any action. This could seriously affect – of course, negatively – your sales margin.


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