Importance of Colour Study for Your Minisite Design


Right packaging is the stepping stone for successfully driving target group of customers to your virtual store. And when it comes to minisite design, right packaging also includes, in addition to perfect images and informative content, good selection of colours. Choice of colours is extremely important to influence your visitors and make a big difference in your promotional campaign. An expert designer has in-depth understanding of colour philosophy and applies his knowledge during making of minisites.


Application of colour in website designing is as complex as existence of unlimited colours. Let me offer some easy-to-understand explanation by getting to the fundamental concepts i.e. primary or basic colours. Artists and scientists have different opinions in regards to definition as well as application of colours. In scientists’ version, primary colours are limited to RGB or Red, Green and Blue. However, the artists’ definition emphasizes on the basic colours of pigment – Red, Yellow and Green. This ‘RYG’ composition has a brand name in form of CMYK.


Impact of colors

Colors have a strong effect on our daily life. It plays a key role in the way we interact with others and conduct business. Look around and you will see colors on all hands. So the best way to understand the colors and how they affect us is to study nature around you.

Art is a way for human being to imitate nature. So study of colors will remain incomplete without appreciation of Mother Nature. Harmony and contrast of colors are two most important factors while creating minisite design. And this contrast and harmony are always present in color of nature. You will never see any mismatch. How many times have you screamed out “amazing” after seeing beautiful birds, snakes and sea creatures? They are just like painters’ imagination and creation as an excellent epitome of perfect color combo.
In nature, you will see that yellow is always in close proximity with green and brown earth brings a variation and much-needed relief. Now the question is whether imitating the same style will be effective for driving traffic to your minisite.

Learn taste of your audience

Knowing the market and audience is the first step before planning an advertising campaign. Depending on the type of product/service you are dealing in, you have to define a group of customers who are likely to take interest in your offer. They are your target customers. They will share a common taste as far color preference is concerned. For example, if you are dealing in cartoon books, the kids will be your potential clients and they always prefer vibrant colors.

On other hand, if your product/service is meant for the old people, you should restrict yourself to use of soothing colors because these are what senior citizens like. Minisite design contains only a few pages (often just one or two), so you must not play with too many colors as it will dampen your effort. Maintain contrast while choosing colors for minisite background, images and content. What appeals to your prospective clients, will bring you result in terms of return on your investment.


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