Minisite Design – Copy vs Graphics Debate


There is a big question emerging on the horizon of direct response marketing. Some are of the opinion that only text copy should be in use to get response. However, there are others who believe graphics can be a big booster when it comes to marketing results. The best is to make a good use of both ideas.

Studies have proved it beyond doubt that the best control in terms of conversion through marketing pieces can be achieved only with a good combination of both copy and graphics. This write-up explains why and how use of graphic pieces on your minisite design can step up the possibility of having a better rate of conversion.

As a marketer, it should be clear to us that our sole aim is to extract a response whether it comes through a product sale of $10,000 or an opt-in. And to do that, viewpoints of both graphic designers and copywriters must be taken into consideration. Now let us take a quick glance over the advantages of using both graphics and copy.


Benefits of Graphics Use

If you use graphics on your minisite or sales letter, it could result into a big return for your business. Use of graphics commands interest and admiring glances from the visitors and also influences how well and quickly they will respond to your offer. The most important thing about graphics is they contribute to building a brand image of your business. Brand building is getting more important because of overwhelming saturation of online market.

The business entities that adopt the concept of branding as well as apply innovations will eventually see themselves on the top.


Use of graphics has another big advantage as it adds to perceived value of whatever you offer. Relevant graphics on your minisite design push the bar of perceived value of your products/services and on the whole, your business. When your potential buyers see those graphics, a common psychological phenomenon makes them believe that they are actually purchasing ‘value’,

Just ask yourself, when you are browsing websites, will you click on a product that has images to describe it properly or no picture at all?

Advantages of Copy

Texts are other important pillar of your minisite. Copy is instrumental to your minisite that is basically an online sales letter often spiced up with graphics or animated display. Copy catches attention of your visitors. However, more than that, it addresses their needs, identifies a solution to their wants and most importantly, inspires your target audience to take action. Your copy actually contains all the tricks that can seal the most sought-after deal.

Would you like a salesman wearing a tousled look with his old, faded and shredded jeans, stained and oversized shirt? No. You will probably slam the door shut on his face. It means presentation is very important. No potential customer likes a messy copy. But also remember that visitors never like an arrogant and egoistical salesman.

The key is to maintain a decent balance between graphics and copy to build a brand image and also to get a response simultaneously.


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