What Makes a Minisite Design So Special & Powerful


We are quite familiar with normal websites. It is a collage of words and images, containing a good number of pages and each of them is focused on a different aspect. These websites are good at least, if you are considering the return they are going to make. They reach your brand name to everyone online and whoever is on your business radar. When it comes to making of websites, we usually tend to visualize something like Amazon, eBay etc. But none of them is thrilling, do they? If you want something more exciting, engaging, powerful and interactive on a shoestring budget, nothing can beat minisite design.


A minisite is special but why?

It is a single-page presentation: Unbelievable, but it’s true! When you visit a minisite, the landing page is actually the entire website. Then you realize why it is called mini site. The first page – which is also the last one in most of the minisites – sends the message across the audience.

It is focused on a single purpose: That single purpose is the most powerful aspect of marketing. A minisite is focused only on sale of something. Unlike the familiar websites that are designed to fulfill multiple purposes at a time, minisites are purposely made to do the single job of selling.


It contains no navigation links to other pages: A minisite is more about a certain product or a group of products instead of an entire brand. The minisite makers provide all requisite details on the landing page and there are no links to other pages, implying the only way to collect information is to read the page. Traditional websites feature different options that distract the visitors but minisites are different and that makes your message more powerful.

The above-said highlights are three main attributes of a minisite design. Together they add more importance and power to a minisite, making it a cut above the simple structure of traditional websites. Unlike the conventional websites, they are never meant to promote your product profile, rather used to launch your offer or put something up for sale in the market already identified as your business target. And these minisites do remarkably well and frequent tinkling of cash boxes is the biggest proof of their effectiveness.

Great news is these sites are easier to construct – even if you are not an expert. And it can be easily deployed online. These minisites are easy to test, add and modify. A minisite is a great option if you want to promote your product online despite being short on marketing budget. It won’t take a great deal of time to come up with an interesting and innovative minisite. And what is more, you don’t have to empty your wallet to get a minisite designed for promotional purpose.


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