Importance of 3D Ecover Design – It Boosts up Sale


It is unfortunate that an ecover design seldom drops a hint about if the book is pleasant-reading or not. Even if a book reads well, it may feature a disgusting cover page and the opposite is true as well. The long and short of this preamble is to give a warning message to the book worms – a book must not be judged by its cover design.


However, that reality may take us to a wrong perception that designing a great ecover is just waste of your time and resources that could be spent for other important purposes. Truth is, you can never deny importance of good look as it casts the first impression and that first thing always matters a lot.

Over time, there has been much of change in sphere of technology and we are now living in an era where 3D is an ‘in’ thing. A fascinating and relevant 3D image on your book cover page will influence the purchasing decision of your target book readers. It is highly likely that you will experience a large pool of traffic on strength of a professionally done 3D ecover page.


3D Cover – What is it all about?

An ebook is the internet version of any printed book that you can touch and feel. An ebook comes in digital format that you can only read. In recent years, online bookworms have been increasing in number at a staggering pace. The fact is related to quick availability of ebooks. Even a decade ago, the graphic designers were used to be busy creating cover designs for printed books and nowadays, they are exploiting their creative fertility for ecover design.

A good ecover is highly powerful. It grabs eyeballs, thereby earning both writer and publisher a tidy fortune. So if you need – and you will strongly feel the need – to get a striking 3D cover designed for your ebook, always value an expert graphic designer. Only a brilliant designer can create magic with a good mix of his creativity and technical knowledge. And the result? You will see it on your sales chart!


How to create a good piece of graphic work for your ebook cover?

To create an eye-catching graphic – no matter whether the medium is a printed book or an ebook – a designer must be in possession of immense creative skill. Sky should be the limit for a graphic designer to come up with a unique and stunning ecover that truly reflects subject and substance of the book. To create an eye-grabbing ecover graphic, a designer should have good sense for colour, a very high level of artistry and eye for detailing.

Last but not the least; he should also have good knowledge about use of designing software.

Will special effects do justice to ecover?

There is no fixed rule as to use of special effects or anything else. The purpose behind creating e-Cover designs for your digital book or any other product is to make it appealing to your prospective customers. Emboss or glossy effects will work fine and there is a palate of these effects to choose from.


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