Importance of Graphic Images on Your Minisite Design

ecoverexpertA good number of minisites is designed every day. They are mini websites though have different purpose to serve. More traditional websites that we are familiar with represent your business online. They also introduce your product profile to the world audience. These websites contain more pages and are designed to promote your brand value. On other hand, minisites – just like their names – are small in terms of page volume and purposely designed to sell a single product or a group of related products. Minisites are more focused on making sale and less on delivering information about your brand in its entirety.

It is a challenge to develop a . It is never an easy task just because you have only a few pages – more than often, just one or two – to design. The big challenge for a graphic designer is to capture the essence of your product and brand in one or two pages. Contrary to normal websites, a minisite is never meant to distribute a lot of information. They have more call-to-action features that effectively convert visit into a buy. The look must be impressive and should convince the visitors to stay longer on your website and take the next step – to purchase something.

Designing a minisite that is fascinating, functional and most importantly, ensures more converts from a larger pool of visitors is too difficult to be done by a mediocre designer.

18Role of Graphics

Your minisite will look dull and boring without graphics. Images are instrumental to success of any website designing. Visitors are more attracted to colours and that means you need to make a sensible use of colours on your minisite. They won’t be attracted to black-and-white pictures but at the same time, will never be in favour of a loud look. When it comes to use of graphics, you may create them with help of graphic design software or use photographed images of your product. The images must bear resemblance to whatever you are offering. In other words, high relevance is the primary condition of whatever images you are using on or creating for your minisite design.

13After relevance, next most important factor is look. Do they look great? Will they be able to grab eyeballs? Could they convince the visitors to convert? Consider all these from a consumer’s perspective. And if you like them, there is a chance for others to appreciate the work and open their wallet right now or anytime sooner or later. Captivating graphics pick up attention more easily than even a brilliant weave of words. A flair of creativity, an eye for detailing, a subtle sense of colours and an immaculate sensibility of colour choice – when combined together – result into a masterpiece of graphic design work.


Hire or not to hire a designer?

If you don’t know ABC of graphic designing, it’s easy to take a decision of hiring an expert. But if you are a pro, you will try to do things on your own. Just ask yourself if you have luxury of time to spend on designing work. Chore areas of business competencies demand more attention from your end. Think logically, think hiring a graphic designer.


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