Ebook Design with Photoshop Action – Less Trouble, Great Joy


It is never easy to write a book, especially a good book though that is nothing if compared with art of marketing a book. Without any effective and solid strategy in place, it would be just like stepping in market without identifying any target customer group. Books in their printed form as well as online version are not always fiction. Keeping that in mind, you need to comprehend the concept of ebook design.


Contrary to myth, ebook cover needs not to be complex but it must be far better than what a novice can accomplish at home. If the readers feel that you did not pay attention to your ecover, then it is very natural for them to think that much of effort did not go into your book writing. As an author, you must understand the basics that an ecover has little to do with the content but most of the time, majority of book readers judge a book from its cover design.

Given this fact, it is extremely important to consider designing a good cover for your ebook presentation.


Get to work

Now let us come to the brass talk – How to start cover designing. This could be the stumbling block for the starters but there are expert graphic designers to be tasked with your work in a bid to find a way out. Price could be a factor in such cases but think about the return a good ebook cover can bring you. If a little extra could boomerang with a huge return, you will not mind bearing that little more burden, right?


Photoshop actions

Knowledge in Photoshop actions is very much necessary if you want to create an affordable yet memorable ebook design. Photoshop is an expensive software app but paying one-time is a much better idea than paying every time whenever you require a backdrop. Doing things on your own could be a cost-saving option if you have plenty of space, time and wealth of expertise to compose ideas for cover designing.

If you lack in time, ideas and skill, it always sounds wise to put your faith in an experienced professional. Photoshop is a great software tool that allows you to experiment with a variety of effects like photo grain, stained glass, blur, emboss etc. You should play with a lot of these effects to find it out which one of them will be best for your ebook cover. However, I will appreciate the idea of hiring a designer instead of spending energy on marketing endeavor.


Points to Note

Photoshop software packages work remarkably well. For a novice, it takes time to learn so many options but once you do that, there will be absolutely no end to kind of effects and layout you will be able to create for your eBook design. Before buying a particular Photoshop package, you must check into what you will be getting. Truly speaking, a perfect cover deign for your ebook is almost in the place, you just need to discover that with your artistry and software skill.


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