Ecover Design – Start Your Own Service


Every saleable thing needs good packaging as presentation is most important to convince the target buyers that product within is excellent and up to their expectation. With internet marketing becoming a gripping and more business entities adopting it, you can make a good sum of money by making ecover designs. However, you need to have essential skill in graphic designing before venturing out. Here is a guideline for you to get started.


Get necessary tools

The most popular and widely used software application for graphic designing is Adobe Photoshop. However, investing on software like Photoshop is very expensive for the starters. Other lesser-known as well as cheaper options are RealDraw Pro or free software GIMP etc. Irrespective of what software is in use, you should have the skill to create realistic images with 3D perspectives as well as easily usable template format.

An alternatively good investment could be to buy cover action scripts or cover templates to be used with RealDraw Pro, Photoshop etc. You can definitely develop your own but considering usefulness of templates, it can be said that template buy could be a worthy investment. There is plenty of cover generating software apps but that will limit your creative prowess and you need excellent design skill to get things done in a proper way.


Know how to do it

You must have good knowledge about software in use. Get trained in the latest version of software. Your training must cover basic principles of design and not only the skill of software use. It does not matter how skilled you are at using software because if you are not in knowhow of basic principles of designing, you will find it hard to create a professional and good design.


Remember that ecover designs needs height of excellence in computer graphic designing. One needs to do a lot of practice to be a good designer. This field is getting fiercely competitive and you need to better yourself every day. You must challenge yourself in order to beat competitions from others. Start with getting familiar with software apps and then take a tour of web to have a look at several portfolios of top designers.

Take inspiration from their works instead of copying these blindly. The harder you work, the better you will be.


Build your own website

When you become confident of creating good ecovers that can command pretty sum, you should buy a domain and build a website that will market your skill, display your portfolio and take works. Register a relevant and catchy domain name that is self-explanatory of your service.


Create your portfolio

The easiest and quickest way to create your portfolio as an ecover designer is to start doing jobs at free of cost. Explore online marketing forums, offer your design service to a few people – at least five – and in exchange, seek their permission to use cover graphic in your portfolio. Also get their testimonials and include these in your website.

Once your portfolio is made, it is time to be clear about price. Set it according to industry standard though a little less could see you get flooded with more ecover designs offers.


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