How Minisite Design Outsells Social Media Networking Sites


Marketing Endeavour has been handed a big boost with emergence and popularity of internet. There are several avenues to channelize your marketing effort and minisite design is surely one of them. Even increasing popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc has failed to outsmart minisites in terms of sales. It necessitates weighing up both advantages and disadvantages of minisite in respect to effectiveness gained from other alternative online marketing tools. You must ensure that time, effort and money spent on minisite making are worth an investment.

18Here are three simple but most important reasons to convince you as to how a minisite can outsell mighty social media networking giants.

Single Purpose

There are several ways to present information on a social media site. You can post, share, comment, tweet and these are the ways to connect to others in your friends circle. These activities encourage the users to take a look at your page and read information. On one side, it reaches your business message to a larger number of audiences but at the same time, there is a greater chance for the sales message to get lost amidst crowds of other media and contents.


On the contrary, minisite is a single-page presentation and serves only a particular purpose. That solitary marketing goal and approach makes your minisite design more powerful despite its simplicity and lack of volume. Everything on a minisite is purposely designed to provide support to the sales message, which will ensure buying clicks from the prospective consumers.

One-page matter

There are multiple pages on social networking sites, covering multiple aspects. It is a common practice for the readers to navigate through the pages by clicking on links or following themes. For browsing purpose, it is definitely a great idea but from viewpoint of sales, it could spell disaster.

Minisite being a single-page format does not require the visitors to browse through the pages. Everything is dished out on the landing page. One does not need to voyage back or forth to find out what more are there. This is the main reason why a single-page minisite is more effective than social networking sites.

The key to massive online marketing success is to make a good use of both minisite and social media sites together. An intelligent way to do that is to pre-qualify the users on social media pages and then drive them to your minisite design to take a hard look at sales message.


Not in a mood of buying

It is unusual for the buyers to visit social networking sites to buy something. They usually don’t contain any sales pitch. You use these platforms just to mix with your friends and socialize with others but never to buy product.


The online visitors always look for sales pitch. They barely have any doubt about what will happen after their landing on the page – things will be sold to them too! They want to know what you deal in and if it can serve your needs. That means whoever visits your minisite does so with a motive to make a buy.


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