Ecover Design Will Facilitate Sale of Your Ebook

ecoverexpertDo I need an ecover? This is a common question coming from many ebook writers. No doubt, it is a valid question,

18If you think from the readers’ perspective, you will understand that appearance of your ebook cover is something that words fail to express. An ecover is what the customers will look first and try to guess if the materials within are worth going through. If the ecover design grabs readers’ eyeballs, the customers will feel interested to part ways their money to buy the book. Browse through the shelves in an online book shop and see which covers catch your attention and why.

17If you make a little effort into making of ebook cover, it will earn you a lot of return. Primary judgment will be made on the basis of how good your ecover appears. Even if the book is not on the must-get list of a person, he/she will consider buying your book instead of giving it a wider berth. Given greater benefits of a compelling ecover, creating an interactive and inspiring one has almost become a compulsion.

img3If you are in possession of fertile creativity and knowledge of software graphic designing, you may do it on your own or hire a professional to do the job. An ecover is just like a visual summery capturing the essence of what your book is all about. Hiring an expert will add a professional touch to your ecover design but you need to flex your financial muscle in order to afford his expertise. If you are short on budget and an inexperienced person, go with easily available ecover templates to create a stunning output.

The ecover of your output is a virtual design used to present and promote your product but it is also used for packaging purpose. There are multiple ways to create an eye-catching ecover. However, internet browsing is the easiest way to find cool ecovers. There is a wider selection of ecovers on internet, ranging from a simple ready-made template to Photoshop-enhanced creations supported by action script, leaving the publishers with plethora of options to choose from.

Photoshop action scripts are extensively used to design 3D animation. The easiest way to design ecover is to use template that you can easily customize in sync with the substance of your book. You are left with only simple tasks like writing the title, add some subtitles and give a little description about your product. Enhance the look by adding a touch of 3D animation and then time is up to launch your product.

Rest assured that  beautifully created ecover designs will earn you a great volume of sale in almost no time.

There are some companies offering professional service for ecover creation. They design ecovers for CD, DVD, ebook and any product that can be promoted online. Surf internet to acquire ecover design service. There are some websites that offer free service for ecover creation. Other websites offer a design package equipped with all essential tools to facilitate ecover making. These sites also provide the users with instructions on how to make a good use of the packages.


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