Know Upcoming Trend in Ebook Design

ecoverexpertEbook has brought renaissance in publishing industry. Digital books have a big hit with both the publishers and bookworms since invention of movable version. Ebook publishers and distributors are reportedly stalking a larger claim amidst phenomenal growth in the book market. With rapid popularity of digital books, ebook design has become the first deciding factor if the book will sell well or not.

Let us take a hard look at the potential trend that will dictate continued ebook revolution in forthcoming years.

img10Compelling & Interactive Cover

Consumers have already expressed their opinion in favor of ebooks. The passionate readers find it easier and convenient to read books on computer screen instead of reading them while lolling on sofa or sitting on the desk. Ebooks are now going to be more than just texts in immediate future and feature interactivity that will completely change the trend of ebook reading and publishing.

13Now engaging cover has always been a matter of weakness for the potential readers. If they like the cover, they are likely to open wallet more willingly. An ecover design must be in sync with the content of the book. Without relevance and captivating cover page, an ebook is simply ignored even if it contains some valuable and interesting content.

Now with interactivity predicted to dominate the ebook publishing world, the feature must have a reflection on the cover page. May be a video will be integrated into an ebook to show you how to solve a mathematic puzzle or there may be an audio to help you learn right pronunciation of a foreign language. These interactive features that will add to your reading experience or enrich your experience of learning must reflect through ebook design.

17More than Cover Page

Agreed that cover page is important for an ebook, but the publishers also need to take care of the inner pages. Publishers are composing ideas for an improved look and representation of ebooks. And inclusion of interactivity is a result of that thought process. These days, ebooks feature inviting graphic images on their pages.

18Design for ebooks also involves the task of how inner pages will look like. Usually the children books’ contain graphics in every page to pique up interest of the little readers. On other hand, visual delights are sprinkled throughout the book if it is meant for the adults. That means a designer hired for developing an ebook must adopt a comprehensive outlook and should not restrict his creative ideas only to the cover page only.

img3Amidst forecast of an interactive cover page, the publishers are expected to play a bigger role in coming days. It is important to seek a designer who is way different from run of the mills and can compose out-of-the-box concepts. He must be aware of the upcoming trend and conceive his ideas accordingly. The feature of interactivity is a big plus for the readers who now expect and need more than just a decent-looking ecover. You must hire someone who fits your bill and deliver something that will earn you a lot of readers and return.


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