Minisite Design – 8 Important Graphic Tips to Enhance Conversion


It is not an unknown fact that a picture says more than constellation of words. However, only half of this saying is true as a picture is equal to 1000 words only if it is engaging and properly placed. Even when you are using an image, it is less likely to replace the content especially if the web of words is right and relevant. However, if you want to replace good content with graphics, there are some workable tips to follow. This way, the graphics on your minisite design will attract more visitors and play a key role to convert them into customers.

Tips #1

If you are designing graphics for minisite header, leave enough of white space at the bottom of the image and allow some elements to overlap the colored as well as white area. That will make the object point down to the body copy, thereby attracting visitors’ curious glances into the same.

Tips #2

While designing minisite, work like a pro. Make sure to use ALT tags for the images. This is because; doing so will improve your minisite rank in the search engine result pages. ALT tags coupled with keywords evenly distributed throughout the body of content play a great part to dominate the search result based on your listed keywords.

Tips #3

Use only graphics for your minisite design to send your specific product-related or overall business message across the community of target customers. Don’t use graphics in thumbnails as the visitors won’t like straining their eyes to view the images on your minisite.

Tips #4

Select different fonts for heading, sub-headlines and body copy, it will help the headline image stand out from the rest of your minisite.

Tips #5

Follow the simple tricks to divert the visitors’ attention to the target areas. For example, use bullets for the listed benefits on your minisite graphics – benefits that can be gained from whatever you are offering through your website. The minisite graphics must be large enough and the fonts should be readable so that the visitors don’t have to try hard to know what the offer is all about, how it is unique from others and what more they can enjoy by making a purchase.

Tips #6

It is not that graphics placed at the upper part of a minisite design are important and those appearing at the footer area are overlooked. In fact, you should exercise caution while selecting images for the footer area and placing them. One point you must remember during footer graphics placement that there must be enough of white or blank space in the upper portion of the images. Such arrangement will see the object overlapping the white space as well as colored area at the footer section and this way, the object will point upwards to the body copy and drive the visitors’ glances to the same.

To make your minisite graphics more attractive to the visitors, you need to know the art of sophisticated presentation through simplification of things. Minisite is a collage of graphics and images. Right selection and placement of images, clarity and quality of messages and contrast between colors as well as blank spaces catch prospective customers’ attention and translate their window-shopping habit into behavioral pattern of purchase.


Ebook Design & Formatting Service – Do You Need It

With technology making massive improvement, the readers are now turning to internet to leaf through the pages of their favorite books. According to them, digital versions are more manageable than traditional physical books as you need to save the PDF copies in your computer drive. The advantages that come with ebook reading has dramatically stepped up demand for professional ebook design formative service.

Compared to publishing traditional books, ebook publishing is easier and also more cost-excellent an option. Design of a book, whether it is a conventional printed book or ebook, is always important to cast an impressive spell on the prospective readers. And when it comes to designing, formatting plays a key role to create an attractive layout. Trying to design your ebook without any help of an expert ebook architect may lead to disaster and hefty financial loss.

Why you should opt for professional ebook formatting service:

Avoid Common Formatting Mistakes: The major benefit of hiring professional service for ebook creation is it can prevent you from making some common formatting errors. Those who are not a pro in the field of graphic designing may leave several most common mistakes which are as follows:

  • Inadvertent use of more blank spaces in your ebook as some paragraphs clearly point out to a page break.
  • Use of unwanted space within the text.
  • Use of various fonts and styles that leave an ebook nothing but a garbled piece of work.

There are other kinds of faults which you may easily overlook but an ebook design professional will always do his job perfectly and it is less likely that he will leave even a single mistake.

Design Your Ebook to Wrap up Success: The main objective of a writer is – apart from earning a name for himself/herself – to make money from sale of his books. But to achieve this goal, your ebook layout must be far different from run of the mills. Only professional formatting service can serve your purpose. A well-formatted book will feature a professional design and make its overall appearance most exclusive. Good formatting work will design your ebook in such a way that it will fetch lustful glances from majority of your target audience in dot com market.

Your Ebook Should Appeal to Subscriber: You certainly want everybody, whoever is writing for your targeted readers, to enjoy the ebook. Professional and excellent ebook formatting service will leave your readers satisfied by making content pleasantly readable and creating the design more engaging.

What qualities you should look in a professional ebook formatting service provider:

Expertise: Be sure the squad for ebook formatting is an expert at what they do. There is no one-fits-all type of solution. Check their customers’ profile and look at their previous works to be sure that they are someone you can entrust with your ebook design.

Experience: It is not that all veteran players are smart designers; still experience plays its part for many to polish their skill. Every professional designer has a portfolio of his/her previous works. More experienced the designer is, longer will be the list of his works. Look at the body of work instead of focusing on volume of work and you will realize whether the service provider is worth your trust or not.

How Local Businesses Can Gain from Minisite Design


Small is beautiful! Many of us admit it though come in for a big surprise to be informed that small could be powerful too. If you own a business, get a minisite designed. It will not take much of time on your part to realize the truth in my words. Minisite or mini site – the name is self-explanatory to mean that these sites are small in size.

But size is not a matter as these minisites can successfully promote your brand name across the netizens and also drive traffic to your online business. And it is not only the global businesses but the small and local businesses too stand to gain a lot from a good and professional minisite design.

Minisite in Depth

A minisite has only one or two pages. So, no explanation is needed to suggest that a minisite takes less time to design. Usually these sites are developed to market only a single product/service instead of multiple products or in other words, a product profile. If you have multiple products to sell online or want to offer a wide range of services via internet, design a minisite for each of your product and service for quick publicity at least of effort and cost.

Minisite & Local Business

Local businesses also need wide-scale promotion. For every business, the ultimate motto is money-making. And much of your success depends on the number of leads your site generates. Every visit does not lead to sale but a part of total clicks on your minisite plays a role to up your marginal sales figure.

It may be a local or global business but publicity always works in favour of an entrepreneur or on the whole, a brand. This P-factor can be ensured through an engaging cheap minisite design.

Popularity of Minisite equals Promotion of Business

It is as simple as that. A minisite is a part of modern-day advertising arsenals. Advertising is no narrow a concept, rather intimately related to promotion of your long-term vision and deep-rooted business ethics. Your minisite reflects what you already have and what you dream to notch up.

There is strong possibility that your business will enjoy a global exposure through a minisite which looks simple, smart and professional. These days when virtual market has become a mingling spot for buyers and sellers and a good platform for both ‘buy and bargain’, global wing of your local venture will attract audience from almost every corner in the world.

Popularity of minisites is on rapid rise and that reasons why words about your local business will reach near and far wherever the customers are. The consumers prefer minisites as it features less pepper and more of salt and colour.

The minisites are more focused on brief details of only a single product (maximum two). So they have a good chance of being visited and read thoroughly, ensuring an improved rate of ‘visit to buy’ conversion compared to heavy websites.

It has been already stated that minisite design is inexpensive. The local or small businesses, which are tight on their ad budget, can opt for minisite as an effective and efficient way of product promotion and brand marketing. 

Minisite Design – A Must-Have Tool in Your Marketing Arsenals


If you want to be a success in your online business endeavor, you need to reach out to a wider pool of customers. But how can you do that? Have you ever given a thought to minisite design services? This is the way to trigger interest of your target customers. There are many companies offering specialized services for minisite template designing. If you are a small businessman, it makes sense to go with a five-six pages minisite instead of a hundred page bulky website.

Hundreds of companies worldwide are looking forward to online empowerment. Needless to say, they need a reputed, reliable and specialist designing house or a freelancing designer to cater to their requirements. First of all, a minisite design needs to be attractive. However, ‘look good’ is not all for a minisite to stand tall in a competition. It should feature SEO-friendly characters and call-to-action punches to lure the potential customers. Obviously, this task can only be entrusted to an experienced designer who can throw in all essential elements that make the differences between a generic minisite and a stand-out representation.

The key to create an engaging minisite template design is to make the most of web banner ads to highlight your brand and business in the best way possible. A fascinating header with a catchy tagline also plays a key role to attract the prospective customers. You will obviously have a say as to designing of your minisite even the job is assigned to an experienced designer. The person will ask for your opinion so that the final output comes up to your expectation. So make sure that the designer is using attractive colors for the designing purpose though too much will make the look gaudy and drive out the viewers. Add video testimonials to create more impact and convince the viewers that your products and/or services are of top-grade quality.

Landing page design is also important for a minisite just like the regular websites. It must be designed carefully because this is the first page which the customers will land on. There are various minisite design templates available online, so you will never run out of choice. These templates are easier to download and easy-to-customize as well. The designers are providing literally unlimited number of options to help the customers make the best choice. A good minisite designer is technically skilled to use different designing software applications and also has praiseworthy color sense apart from being creative in this regard. If you think about how to find out a good minisite designer, make a quick search on Google, list of options will be at your disposal.

Ebook Design – Is It Really Important to Enjoy Good Sale


In a growingly competitive and continuously evolving digital marketplace, you have to struggle hard to give others in race a run for money and fame. You are a brilliant writer and have rich innovative ideas, yet that X-factor might be missing when it comes to marketing. Your products are not finding customers. Could it be put down to ignoring an essential aspect of ebook marketing? Does your book have an excellent ebook cover?

It is highly likely that as a writer, you are too occupied with material to pay attention to packaging. Material is the only important thing for you. If you can weave a tout plot, your ebook will sale like a hot cake, that’s what you think. That concept does not go well with the modern world where marketing is no less a crucial aspect than what is thrown within your ebook. You need to understand ecover is the sales page of your product, i.e. your ebook.

If your ebook design does not appeal to readers, they won’t spend money to get your ebook. If they don’t buy your book, how they can know the material within is pleasant reading. Close your eyes and think for a moment that your ebook cover has no images or graphics art on it. Just a monotone color with the book title and author’s name is only what you have put together on the cover page. Do you think that it is enough to secure a good sale? No, because while flipping through the pages, the readers will only find more peepers and less salt with no images thrown around.

Apart from the children, the grown-up individuals too like visual elements. Images and graphics give them a break from rambling of black texts on white background. The children’s books have a lot of images on cover as well as inner pages. However, the books written for the grown-up individuals have images usually on the cover page. It is the ecover designs that give the potential readers a hint about what kind of plot the books are based on. They expect a high relevance between the image on the coverage page and the content.

Without an appealing and interesting design, your ebook cover will look dry and is less likely to find more buyers. You need to produce a good balance of color, images and content to present your product in the most exciting way. It is all about creating the first impression, if you are successful, huge sale is almost a certainty. 

Hire an minisite expert for professional design


For the small and medium sized businesses, it poses a challenge to get a designer who is highly proficient and experienced yet offers affordable service. Don’t prioritize only a single factor; rather consider multiple aspects while being on lookout for a good designer. Ask him if he can produce a few samples of his previous work. Any good professional will love to do that. Do you see a good amount of variety in his work? If yes, it is great because unique minisite design and customized service are high on demand these days. Has he been working in this line for many years or has just started? Most of the time, experience is a reliable index to excellence.

Ebook Cover Design – Some Simple Tips for Designing

Since the time we have been exposed to the features and facilities of ebook, it has made a drastic impact on our reading. With easy availability of portable gadgets and several online websites to download books, there is a different and more convenient way of reading books and publishing your stories.
For many people, reading books, magazines etc is the most favorite hobby to while away their leisurely hours. They are the first one to buy a book whenever a new release hits the market. Though these people are quickly adapting themselves to the new-age digital world of books and readings, curiosity over the latest launch or the classic novels or epics has not died down, rather increased manifolds due to easy access to ebooks.
Now whether it is a printed version or an ebook edition, cover design is the second most important factor to entice the potential readers into making a purchase. Apart from being attractive, an ebook cover design should be in intimate relevance with the plot. In a word, it should give the readers a hint what the book is about and also stokes up their interest in unraveling the unknown.
Here are a few tips to create your ecover design as striking as possible:
Before you design your ebook cover, first think about who your target audience will be. A clear understanding of what they like will help you create a cover that they will find amazing and interesting.
The ideal cover size of an ebook should measure 600×900 pixels. 72 dpi is the standard resolution for designing an ebook cover.
If you have already earned fame as an author or your first book has done good business, choose a bigger font size for your name as compared to the book title.
The ebook cover design should be easy to read in a small thumbnail.
An image is the most crucial aspect of an ebook. Make sure to choose an engaging and most importantly, appropriate picture that excellently defines book title and theme as well.
Instead of a gaudy typography, select the right typeface for your image. Your typeface selection should perfectly match the cover too.
Don’t splash a riot of colors on your ebook cover design, it will mar the look in no time. Instead, focus on creating contrast with minimum colors. Also make sure you’re your background color selection adds to font color appeal.
After your ebook designing is finished, see its preview. Also ask your friends and family members to be sure if they are taking a like to your design.
These tips are a good guide to help you get started. With experience, you can develop many ideas to create out-of-the-package ebook cover designs that will add an edgy and unforgettable dimension to your future books, which are still in the womb of time.