How to Enhance Conversion Rate through Your Ebook Design

ecoverexpertA discerning and professional ebook design can see a larger number of bookworms purchasing your books. An ebook is a digital product and it needs a good-looking cover as a part of marketing strategy to reach out to more and more of the target customers. The ecover is one of the most important aspects of any ebook. It drops a hint for the prospective readers as to what to expect from the book in terms of its subject. The readers also do some kind of guesswork from the design of an ecover as to quality of the content.

Every publisher and author wants the readers to be never short on words of appreciation for their ebooks before and after purchase. So, for your ebook to sell well in the market, it is important to craft a relevant and enticing design for its ecover.


3 important tips to make a note of

It is a proven fact that use of a good ecover design will see the rate of conversion leapfrogging considerably. For that to happen, you must ensure to meet three most important attributes. First of all, the cover page must be engaging. A touch of creativity will make it look pleasing and up the perceived value of the content it presents.

Secondly, given such high importance of ecover, you must not rush through the details of design. There are several aspects of an ecover, including size and style of fonts, selection and placement of images as well as a good title and all these demand focused attention, well-composed plan and its precise execution. The size of the fonts should be such that it does not hamper easy readability. Images must not cover the full extent of your ecover and should be ones that go well with the subject of the digital product. An ideal design for ecover page must not look cluttered and must be in complete sync with the content.


Thirdly, the readers will get attracted to your ebook only when the design is made appealing and professional and the content is good. Both look and quality of your ebook design play an important role to earn you more customers and push up the conversion rate to an indefinite high.

Inside design of ebook

This is less touched-upon subject as most of the designers, marketers, publishers and even authors are more focused about what comes first in the visibility of the viewers. However, the inside look must be in relevance to the written content and must not overwhelm the appeal of the upper cover in any way.


Take a pick from the set of primary colors for the fonts. This is because, fonts in primary colors are more readable and readability is an important aspect to step up the conversion rate. Choose an ebook layout featuring space for a table of contents that can be clicked individually. This feature will allow your readers to directly reach the sections they want to read instead of voyaging through lots of contents they have no interest in.


Ebook Cover Design – Some Simple Tips for Designing

Since the time we have been exposed to the features and facilities of ebook, it has made a drastic impact on our reading. With easy availability of portable gadgets and several online websites to download books, there is a different and more convenient way of reading books and publishing your stories.
For many people, reading books, magazines etc is the most favorite hobby to while away their leisurely hours. They are the first one to buy a book whenever a new release hits the market. Though these people are quickly adapting themselves to the new-age digital world of books and readings, curiosity over the latest launch or the classic novels or epics has not died down, rather increased manifolds due to easy access to ebooks.
Now whether it is a printed version or an ebook edition, cover design is the second most important factor to entice the potential readers into making a purchase. Apart from being attractive, an ebook cover design should be in intimate relevance with the plot. In a word, it should give the readers a hint what the book is about and also stokes up their interest in unraveling the unknown.
Here are a few tips to create your ecover design as striking as possible:
Before you design your ebook cover, first think about who your target audience will be. A clear understanding of what they like will help you create a cover that they will find amazing and interesting.
The ideal cover size of an ebook should measure 600×900 pixels. 72 dpi is the standard resolution for designing an ebook cover.
If you have already earned fame as an author or your first book has done good business, choose a bigger font size for your name as compared to the book title.
The ebook cover design should be easy to read in a small thumbnail.
An image is the most crucial aspect of an ebook. Make sure to choose an engaging and most importantly, appropriate picture that excellently defines book title and theme as well.
Instead of a gaudy typography, select the right typeface for your image. Your typeface selection should perfectly match the cover too.
Don’t splash a riot of colors on your ebook cover design, it will mar the look in no time. Instead, focus on creating contrast with minimum colors. Also make sure you’re your background color selection adds to font color appeal.
After your ebook designing is finished, see its preview. Also ask your friends and family members to be sure if they are taking a like to your design.
These tips are a good guide to help you get started. With experience, you can develop many ideas to create out-of-the-package ebook cover designs that will add an edgy and unforgettable dimension to your future books, which are still in the womb of time.