Ecover Design – Worth Your Money

ecoverexpertThere are good many businessmen like you who operate online and spend lavishly for marketing purpose. However, at the end of the day, they get no remarkable return on their investment. A lot of people are going through the same predicament. You may be firm in your belief that your digital product has perfect packaging and great utility to the potential customers and that will leave you wondering why the return is so poor on your investment. It could be due to one most important aspect that you have overlooked – ecover design.

18Importance of Ecover

It is unfortunate that many online entrepreneurs are yet to be familiar with importance of digital cover design. You need to understand that a decent design gives a professional look and credible appeal to the prospective consumers. You will come in for pleasant surprise to know there will be a significant swelling in traffic taking interest in your offer and spending money for the same. Majority of the people browse through available products while looking for what they want. Even if two people sell homogenous products, one of them will surely enjoy great advantages over other just because of adopting a smart marketing strategy.

Common search and buying pattern establishes it clearly that the prospective consumers are often influenced by what catches their attention and is considered worth spending.

13Free Charge for Design Service

Nothing comes free in this world! So, it is hard to believe that ecover design service can be available free of cost. Primary investment on graphic design software is what you require to enjoy design service for a long time. And remember that you don’t need to spend a fortune to buy software though it will pay dividends for years to come. However, you can avoid spending that small amount by going with free ecover layouts. These are galore online and you have complete freedom to make a choice specific to your requirements.


Professional Graphic Designer

For a professional touch to your project, it will be wise to hire service of an expert graphic designer. It needs no mention that an experienced designer’s service will not come easy on pocket. Having skill and knowledge in using graphic design software for ecover design, an expert can produce an output that is unique, excellent, relevant and professional. If you have just started, you may want to save money by not leaving your project to a skilled designer. If you have knowledge of designing an ecover, you can put your skill through the paces to find out what comes out finally.

img6Are you satisfied? If yes, carry on; otherwise choose from layout designs and once your business grows, hire a designer to give a fresh twist to existing cover. In fact, you should request him to start afresh. He has skill to create what could bring your more sales.

It is worth spending time, money and effort on creating an ecover as it could spearhead your marketing campaign. Furthermore, that investment will boomerang back with a good return.


Is It a Smart Idea to Hire a Professional for Ecover Design

ecoverexpertWhen you go out in the market to buy any product, it comes wrapped up in a cover. When these touch-and-feel real life products are replaced by their digital versions, they are packaged in ecovers. Just like the traditional covers, ecovers are also important and give the intending buyers an idea about what remains within. The customers also get to know about the size, shape and colours of the product contained in the package. In other words, an ecover is just like a representative of whatever product you are launching and deal with.

18Given such high importance of an ecover, you should make sure to create a stunning design for it. If you are a pro in the field of graphic designing and an experienced guy, taking up the responsibility of ecover design is not a bad idea. On the downside, you have to spend a lot of time for designing purpose, which could result into negligence of other important aspects of book publishing business. Taking help of a layout for digital cover design sounds like a time-saving option but that is less likely to produce a unique output far different from several ecovers based on the same layout.


With the first two options being not very convincing to design a fascinating coverpage, the only choice remaining is to seek expert’s service.


Is it a good idea to hire a designer?

If you are convinced that hiring a designer will provide you with plenty of benefits, it is worth spending money for a professional. Let us now find out how a graphic designer can help you in creation of ecovers.

img6Fresh & Flattering Look

Assuming that you have hired a good designer with excellent profile of graphic designing, we are going further into discussion. It is always important to make sure that your cover features a fresh look way different from the available digital covers. An expert designer has good understanding of the trend in digital cover design and in-depth knowledge about image editing software programs. He also has an enviable collection of photos, custom fonts and customized drawing brushes required to create a professional, exceptional, effective and engaging design for your ecover.

Saving Time

If you are a skilled graphic designer but lack in experience, creating a striking ecover design will take a lot of time on your part. Trusting an experienced designer is a good decision if you want to save time and get things done in the most professional way. Usually the designers specify a time deadline and try their best to keep their promise as delivering projects within time deadline contributes to their reputation.

img5Customized Ecover

Your choice and budget for an ecover design will not be as same as others’. You must have some preference for colour, look, graphics and other aspects of cover designing. If you appoint a designer, he/she will take note of those specifications and integrate them into designing. The product will be delivered in the same shape and size as specified by you. A customized look ensures that your design will be a stand-apart from the millions in the market and is also up to your expectation.

Ecover Design – Some Points to Remember

ecoverexpertRunning business is not a piece of cake, rather needs a lot of effort. To ensure success for your entrepreneurial effort, it is important for you to create the right impression for your target visitors. In this era of advertisement glitzy, you do not have luxury of time to wait until the prospective customers experience taste of quality by enjoying your products. You should start planning to catch attention of the potential consumers much before your products are rolled out into the market.

17In this age of internet marketing, ‘click and buy’ business requires the highest level of creativity. So, spending hours to develop an innovative and immersive ecover design will not be a waste of time. A decorated ecover can bring you return in profusion on your investment of hiring a graphic designer. A person, who considers sky as the only limit of his creative firepower, is the ideal designer to decorate your ecover. He is endowed with creativity and technical skill to design an ecover that will continue paying dividends over a long time.


A factor that determines success of your business is the amount of response it receives from the customers. It is most important to create as well as retain a dedicated customer base. Planning must go on without any break in order to ensure expansion of your business.

Common Ingredients for Success via Ecover

Ecover design is a part of new-age business tactics. The first quality needed on your part is how much serious you are for your ad adventure. If you have the right attitude, it will be reflected via a fascinating cover designing for your digital products. An eye-catching look of your ecover will give the spenders a strong feel of your seriousness, sense and sensibility. Sooner or later, your effort will bring you positive result. Let us now introduce you to some magic tricks that will help you design an appealing and professional-looking ecover.

18Graphic image is an important ingredient of any cover design. If the choice or creation of graphic is perfect, appealing and relevant, it will be just a matter of time for your business to enjoy good return and spreading recognition. Remember that those graphics must not look like what kids draw on the walls in their own rooms. Those graphics must be unique and eye-grabbing and also bear resemblance to what you are selling.

img3Quality of your ecover is most important as it is what the customers base their judgment on in regards to how good your product is. Hiring a designer having good track record and a variety of work profiles will force you to spend a few thousand dollars. However, money begets money and if you are making a wise investment, a good return will hit your coffer. So parting ways with a few bucks will not be a bad idea to start with.


How to find a good designer

You can search on the internet or ask your business friends for a good graphic designer. You must do some research about pricing to know the standard rate of a good designing professional in the market.

Minisite Design – Copy vs Graphics Debate


There is a big question emerging on the horizon of direct response marketing. Some are of the opinion that only text copy should be in use to get response. However, there are others who believe graphics can be a big booster when it comes to marketing results. The best is to make a good use of both ideas.

Studies have proved it beyond doubt that the best control in terms of conversion through marketing pieces can be achieved only with a good combination of both copy and graphics. This write-up explains why and how use of graphic pieces on your minisite design can step up the possibility of having a better rate of conversion.

As a marketer, it should be clear to us that our sole aim is to extract a response whether it comes through a product sale of $10,000 or an opt-in. And to do that, viewpoints of both graphic designers and copywriters must be taken into consideration. Now let us take a quick glance over the advantages of using both graphics and copy.


Benefits of Graphics Use

If you use graphics on your minisite or sales letter, it could result into a big return for your business. Use of graphics commands interest and admiring glances from the visitors and also influences how well and quickly they will respond to your offer. The most important thing about graphics is they contribute to building a brand image of your business. Brand building is getting more important because of overwhelming saturation of online market.

The business entities that adopt the concept of branding as well as apply innovations will eventually see themselves on the top.


Use of graphics has another big advantage as it adds to perceived value of whatever you offer. Relevant graphics on your minisite design push the bar of perceived value of your products/services and on the whole, your business. When your potential buyers see those graphics, a common psychological phenomenon makes them believe that they are actually purchasing ‘value’,

Just ask yourself, when you are browsing websites, will you click on a product that has images to describe it properly or no picture at all?

Advantages of Copy

Texts are other important pillar of your minisite. Copy is instrumental to your minisite that is basically an online sales letter often spiced up with graphics or animated display. Copy catches attention of your visitors. However, more than that, it addresses their needs, identifies a solution to their wants and most importantly, inspires your target audience to take action. Your copy actually contains all the tricks that can seal the most sought-after deal.

Would you like a salesman wearing a tousled look with his old, faded and shredded jeans, stained and oversized shirt? No. You will probably slam the door shut on his face. It means presentation is very important. No potential customer likes a messy copy. But also remember that visitors never like an arrogant and egoistical salesman.

The key is to maintain a decent balance between graphics and copy to build a brand image and also to get a response simultaneously.

Importance of Colour Study for Your Minisite Design


Right packaging is the stepping stone for successfully driving target group of customers to your virtual store. And when it comes to minisite design, right packaging also includes, in addition to perfect images and informative content, good selection of colours. Choice of colours is extremely important to influence your visitors and make a big difference in your promotional campaign. An expert designer has in-depth understanding of colour philosophy and applies his knowledge during making of minisites.


Application of colour in website designing is as complex as existence of unlimited colours. Let me offer some easy-to-understand explanation by getting to the fundamental concepts i.e. primary or basic colours. Artists and scientists have different opinions in regards to definition as well as application of colours. In scientists’ version, primary colours are limited to RGB or Red, Green and Blue. However, the artists’ definition emphasizes on the basic colours of pigment – Red, Yellow and Green. This ‘RYG’ composition has a brand name in form of CMYK.


Impact of colors

Colors have a strong effect on our daily life. It plays a key role in the way we interact with others and conduct business. Look around and you will see colors on all hands. So the best way to understand the colors and how they affect us is to study nature around you.

Art is a way for human being to imitate nature. So study of colors will remain incomplete without appreciation of Mother Nature. Harmony and contrast of colors are two most important factors while creating minisite design. And this contrast and harmony are always present in color of nature. You will never see any mismatch. How many times have you screamed out “amazing” after seeing beautiful birds, snakes and sea creatures? They are just like painters’ imagination and creation as an excellent epitome of perfect color combo.
In nature, you will see that yellow is always in close proximity with green and brown earth brings a variation and much-needed relief. Now the question is whether imitating the same style will be effective for driving traffic to your minisite.

Learn taste of your audience

Knowing the market and audience is the first step before planning an advertising campaign. Depending on the type of product/service you are dealing in, you have to define a group of customers who are likely to take interest in your offer. They are your target customers. They will share a common taste as far color preference is concerned. For example, if you are dealing in cartoon books, the kids will be your potential clients and they always prefer vibrant colors.

On other hand, if your product/service is meant for the old people, you should restrict yourself to use of soothing colors because these are what senior citizens like. Minisite design contains only a few pages (often just one or two), so you must not play with too many colors as it will dampen your effort. Maintain contrast while choosing colors for minisite background, images and content. What appeals to your prospective clients, will bring you result in terms of return on your investment.

Minisite Design on Facebook – How to Make It a Success


In this era of internet marketing, it is important for every business to be present on popular networking sites, with Facebook being the most important of them. Marketing through social networking sites is a part and parcel of online marketing strategy. And it gives result and that too, within a short span of time.

We are now past those days when the entrepreneurs were expected to have a website or something like that to reach out the defined audience. These days, we witness to a completely different scenario. The tech-savvy consumers now believe that the business owners must be on Facebook with a brief description and relevant images of what they do and offer. It is because, the consumers find it convenient to search for what they need and prefer, get honest options about those and have an idea about authenticity of products and/or services before making actual buy.

So, Facebook minisite design and development are a way to reach millions of people on this site and convince them why they should buy your products. Minisite development on Facebok involves various types of complications. However, you need to consider some basic factors before finally undertaking site development work for Facebook. Let us take a quick look at them.


Make it big

Having a Facebook minisite means lot of people will get to know about your brand and products. It is an effective way to pick up popularity within a quick frame of time. So design it good to make it big in your business domain.


A picture conveys much more than what thousand of words can do. So you need to take special care while choosing and posting images on your minisite. They should be in complete harmony with your minisite theme.


Backlinking plays an important role in effective search engine strategy. However, one must know ins and outs of stringent norms as developed by the leading search engines. Make sure you are using back links properly as that can guide more marginal traffics to your minisite design on Facebook.

Words of Mouth

No matter how much professionally your minisite is done, you must have a plan to publicize it through words of mouth. You need to make adequate effort to ensure that more and more of people get to learn about your brand and spread good words about the same.

Professional Help

Facebook minisite design is available as a freebie on the networking site itself, it is important for you to get help from an expert professional who can deal with the task on your behalf. That way, you will be able to make the best of your minisite. Of course, it will be little expensive to engage an expert but that marginal investment will bounce off with greater benefits in the long run.


Selecting the right medium is important to channelize your online marketing effort but more important for you is to do a good amount of research on the subject before embarking on designing work, whether you do it on your own or hire someone. This will make sure that attempts put in will proceed towards a concrete development.