Ecover Design – Worth Your Money

ecoverexpertThere are good many businessmen like you who operate online and spend lavishly for marketing purpose. However, at the end of the day, they get no remarkable return on their investment. A lot of people are going through the same predicament. You may be firm in your belief that your digital product has perfect packaging and great utility to the potential customers and that will leave you wondering why the return is so poor on your investment. It could be due to one most important aspect that you have overlooked – ecover design.

18Importance of Ecover

It is unfortunate that many online entrepreneurs are yet to be familiar with importance of digital cover design. You need to understand that a decent design gives a professional look and credible appeal to the prospective consumers. You will come in for pleasant surprise to know there will be a significant swelling in traffic taking interest in your offer and spending money for the same. Majority of the people browse through available products while looking for what they want. Even if two people sell homogenous products, one of them will surely enjoy great advantages over other just because of adopting a smart marketing strategy.

Common search and buying pattern establishes it clearly that the prospective consumers are often influenced by what catches their attention and is considered worth spending.

13Free Charge for Design Service

Nothing comes free in this world! So, it is hard to believe that ecover design service can be available free of cost. Primary investment on graphic design software is what you require to enjoy design service for a long time. And remember that you don’t need to spend a fortune to buy software though it will pay dividends for years to come. However, you can avoid spending that small amount by going with free ecover layouts. These are galore online and you have complete freedom to make a choice specific to your requirements.


Professional Graphic Designer

For a professional touch to your project, it will be wise to hire service of an expert graphic designer. It needs no mention that an experienced designer’s service will not come easy on pocket. Having skill and knowledge in using graphic design software for ecover design, an expert can produce an output that is unique, excellent, relevant and professional. If you have just started, you may want to save money by not leaving your project to a skilled designer. If you have knowledge of designing an ecover, you can put your skill through the paces to find out what comes out finally.

img6Are you satisfied? If yes, carry on; otherwise choose from layout designs and once your business grows, hire a designer to give a fresh twist to existing cover. In fact, you should request him to start afresh. He has skill to create what could bring your more sales.

It is worth spending time, money and effort on creating an ecover as it could spearhead your marketing campaign. Furthermore, that investment will boomerang back with a good return.


Elegant & Effective – Are Both Possible for Ecover Design



Beauty and Brain – that’s a rare combination! We have heard it many times. Let us give a little twist – elegance and effectiveness are rare to see in an ecover design. I will not oppose to the claim as many marketers are too much focused on the feature of ‘interactivity’ that they forget to consider ‘aesthetic appeal’ of cover designing of a digital product and vice versa. So what to consider while creating a digital cover?

Obviously, there are many aspects not to bypass as the cover design is what first hooks customers’ attention. It must not be denied that quality is the ultimately determining factor if your product will rot on the shelf or fly off the same, but the visitors will chose to test quality only if they find the cover or packaging interesting.

18Let us now examine what must be incorporated into cover design in order to ensure massive exposure for your business.

Graphics: Cover without graphics looks monotonous and meaningless. Just imagine your product is draped by a cover in red, white, blue or whatever colour combination you like. Do you think without graphics, it could arrest target customers’ attention? NO, you will scream! If your own cover page does not fascinate you, how will it be able to tempt others to unzip their wallet?

17Gathering graphics and placing them on the digital cover never make sense. Things are not easy and a lot of thinking and planning precede precise execution. You must be careful about what to choose and where to place. Graphics that are not relevant to your product must not be integrated into the ecover design. However, the relevant graphics are galore and so you are again challenged as what to use.

Think yourself as one of your prospective customers and judge a particular graphic from that angle. Does it make sense? Does it impress you? Does it make a professional presentation of your product? If YES, go with it; otherwise it takes just a fraction of seconds to cool down one’s interest.

img3Colour; Personally I like human figures and faces in ‘Black & White’ but then ecovers are not about photography and without colours, the design will never flatter the potential buyers. Use colours that rightly reflect your product within the cover. Never use too many of them as it will make the cover garish and not great. Remember that as per the trend, simplicity is admired whereas heavy work is ignored.


Title: Like graphic images, title too needs to be catchy and in keeping with what purpose your product will serve. Is it an ebook, a video game or a CD? The graphics as well as tagline must be self-explanatory. The title of a fiction book must be different from a non-fiction write-up. The title must be such that it will inspire the potential customers not only to take a second look at the product but also to feel tempted to use the same. Graphics in combination with the title must have enough firepower to trigger interest of the potential customers and allure them to spend on the product.

Know Upcoming Trend in Ebook Design

ecoverexpertEbook has brought renaissance in publishing industry. Digital books have a big hit with both the publishers and bookworms since invention of movable version. Ebook publishers and distributors are reportedly stalking a larger claim amidst phenomenal growth in the book market. With rapid popularity of digital books, ebook design has become the first deciding factor if the book will sell well or not.

Let us take a hard look at the potential trend that will dictate continued ebook revolution in forthcoming years.

img10Compelling & Interactive Cover

Consumers have already expressed their opinion in favor of ebooks. The passionate readers find it easier and convenient to read books on computer screen instead of reading them while lolling on sofa or sitting on the desk. Ebooks are now going to be more than just texts in immediate future and feature interactivity that will completely change the trend of ebook reading and publishing.

13Now engaging cover has always been a matter of weakness for the potential readers. If they like the cover, they are likely to open wallet more willingly. An ecover design must be in sync with the content of the book. Without relevance and captivating cover page, an ebook is simply ignored even if it contains some valuable and interesting content.

Now with interactivity predicted to dominate the ebook publishing world, the feature must have a reflection on the cover page. May be a video will be integrated into an ebook to show you how to solve a mathematic puzzle or there may be an audio to help you learn right pronunciation of a foreign language. These interactive features that will add to your reading experience or enrich your experience of learning must reflect through ebook design.

17More than Cover Page

Agreed that cover page is important for an ebook, but the publishers also need to take care of the inner pages. Publishers are composing ideas for an improved look and representation of ebooks. And inclusion of interactivity is a result of that thought process. These days, ebooks feature inviting graphic images on their pages.

18Design for ebooks also involves the task of how inner pages will look like. Usually the children books’ contain graphics in every page to pique up interest of the little readers. On other hand, visual delights are sprinkled throughout the book if it is meant for the adults. That means a designer hired for developing an ebook must adopt a comprehensive outlook and should not restrict his creative ideas only to the cover page only.

img3Amidst forecast of an interactive cover page, the publishers are expected to play a bigger role in coming days. It is important to seek a designer who is way different from run of the mills and can compose out-of-the-box concepts. He must be aware of the upcoming trend and conceive his ideas accordingly. The feature of interactivity is a big plus for the readers who now expect and need more than just a decent-looking ecover. You must hire someone who fits your bill and deliver something that will earn you a lot of readers and return.

What Makes a Minisite Design So Special & Powerful


We are quite familiar with normal websites. It is a collage of words and images, containing a good number of pages and each of them is focused on a different aspect. These websites are good at least, if you are considering the return they are going to make. They reach your brand name to everyone online and whoever is on your business radar. When it comes to making of websites, we usually tend to visualize something like Amazon, eBay etc. But none of them is thrilling, do they? If you want something more exciting, engaging, powerful and interactive on a shoestring budget, nothing can beat minisite design.


A minisite is special but why?

It is a single-page presentation: Unbelievable, but it’s true! When you visit a minisite, the landing page is actually the entire website. Then you realize why it is called mini site. The first page – which is also the last one in most of the minisites – sends the message across the audience.

It is focused on a single purpose: That single purpose is the most powerful aspect of marketing. A minisite is focused only on sale of something. Unlike the familiar websites that are designed to fulfill multiple purposes at a time, minisites are purposely made to do the single job of selling.


It contains no navigation links to other pages: A minisite is more about a certain product or a group of products instead of an entire brand. The minisite makers provide all requisite details on the landing page and there are no links to other pages, implying the only way to collect information is to read the page. Traditional websites feature different options that distract the visitors but minisites are different and that makes your message more powerful.

The above-said highlights are three main attributes of a minisite design. Together they add more importance and power to a minisite, making it a cut above the simple structure of traditional websites. Unlike the conventional websites, they are never meant to promote your product profile, rather used to launch your offer or put something up for sale in the market already identified as your business target. And these minisites do remarkably well and frequent tinkling of cash boxes is the biggest proof of their effectiveness.

Great news is these sites are easier to construct – even if you are not an expert. And it can be easily deployed online. These minisites are easy to test, add and modify. A minisite is a great option if you want to promote your product online despite being short on marketing budget. It won’t take a great deal of time to come up with an interesting and innovative minisite. And what is more, you don’t have to empty your wallet to get a minisite designed for promotional purpose.

Minisite Design – Copy vs Graphics Debate


There is a big question emerging on the horizon of direct response marketing. Some are of the opinion that only text copy should be in use to get response. However, there are others who believe graphics can be a big booster when it comes to marketing results. The best is to make a good use of both ideas.

Studies have proved it beyond doubt that the best control in terms of conversion through marketing pieces can be achieved only with a good combination of both copy and graphics. This write-up explains why and how use of graphic pieces on your minisite design can step up the possibility of having a better rate of conversion.

As a marketer, it should be clear to us that our sole aim is to extract a response whether it comes through a product sale of $10,000 or an opt-in. And to do that, viewpoints of both graphic designers and copywriters must be taken into consideration. Now let us take a quick glance over the advantages of using both graphics and copy.


Benefits of Graphics Use

If you use graphics on your minisite or sales letter, it could result into a big return for your business. Use of graphics commands interest and admiring glances from the visitors and also influences how well and quickly they will respond to your offer. The most important thing about graphics is they contribute to building a brand image of your business. Brand building is getting more important because of overwhelming saturation of online market.

The business entities that adopt the concept of branding as well as apply innovations will eventually see themselves on the top.


Use of graphics has another big advantage as it adds to perceived value of whatever you offer. Relevant graphics on your minisite design push the bar of perceived value of your products/services and on the whole, your business. When your potential buyers see those graphics, a common psychological phenomenon makes them believe that they are actually purchasing ‘value’,

Just ask yourself, when you are browsing websites, will you click on a product that has images to describe it properly or no picture at all?

Advantages of Copy

Texts are other important pillar of your minisite. Copy is instrumental to your minisite that is basically an online sales letter often spiced up with graphics or animated display. Copy catches attention of your visitors. However, more than that, it addresses their needs, identifies a solution to their wants and most importantly, inspires your target audience to take action. Your copy actually contains all the tricks that can seal the most sought-after deal.

Would you like a salesman wearing a tousled look with his old, faded and shredded jeans, stained and oversized shirt? No. You will probably slam the door shut on his face. It means presentation is very important. No potential customer likes a messy copy. But also remember that visitors never like an arrogant and egoistical salesman.

The key is to maintain a decent balance between graphics and copy to build a brand image and also to get a response simultaneously.

Ecover Designs – Can Software Be of Good Help


When you are aiming at online business accomplishment, remember to use engaging graphics. This will help you convincingly promote your business to the potential customers and reinforce your brand image online.

Professionally done Ecover designs can bring prosperity to the writers, filmmakers, publishers, data product creators and also other internet retailers who need an out-of-the-pack presentation for their products. Eover graphics action script will provide you with excellent work without requiring you to spend much of effort and time as well.

Benefits of Exciting Ecovers

Ecover is sort of a representative for whatever you want to sell through your website. It may be a book, gazette, car or even grocery products. It can also refer to specific service. So whatever it is and your website is meant for, an attractive ecover piques interest of the visitors for your products. If the visitors feel attracted and curious, there is a heavy chance that they will open their wallet for your product.

So the above discussion boils down to a reality that unique and enticing ecover designs lure the prospective visitors to stay on your website and take a purchase decision in favour of your product. If they get hooked to a graphic that is distinct and inviting at the same time, they will love to guide themselves towards a button that reads “Order Now” or “Download Here”. In a nutshell, ecover works, provided it is designed pretty and to the perfection.

Ecovers can make or mar your business prospects. It needs to be fascinating and functioning. If ecover of your product is able to translate your brand mantra and profile through relevant images and words, it will gain not only a horde of customers but they will also decide a comeback times and again.

An example will drive the nail home more easily. Let us suppose, two persons are selling the identical products through internet. So as a buyer, you can understand that the only way to get closer to the products is through the ecover designs. What brand will you choose? Obviously one that projects itself through the most beautiful and beneficial covers.

Ecover Software – Making It Easier

That explains why businesses invest so much to hire a graphic designer – to design exclusive, good-looking and professional ecovers. If you want to avoid expenses for hiring an expert, the best way out is to use ecover graphic style script. Though expert touch enhances the chance of getting the best result, still you can be assured of having an ecover that will at least, convert a large part of your website visit into sale.

Make sure to optimize ecover graphics action style app as per your designing needs. As you are an entrepreneur cum designer, so you have the absolute authority to decide the best for your business. Imagine yourself as a consumer. Place a question to yourself – what you will like to see or whether ecover designs generated through software catch your attention.

Using software never means you don’t need to stoke up your imagination power. The app produces only a generic structure, leaving you with the work of customization. Here creativity plays a role as you need to choose the right images and compose ideas how to restructure the templates which will be specific to your purpose.

Why do You Need Minisite Template?

A mini-site is a small and simple website with one or two pages. They focus on a specific topic, subject or product that is based on highly targeted and long tailed keywords. The main aim of a minisite is to drive the visitors to take action. Thus, creating a minisite template requires proper attention. In case of online businesses, you use this to convey details regarding a particular topic. The minisite template that you create is concise. Thus, the information or message that you provide here should hit home immediately.

If you are creating a mini-site, it has several advantages. Generally a particular organization offers various products and services. With the help of minisites you can create sites for each product. For instance, if your web development company offers various services, you can create sits for each niche. When a person is looking for a particular service, they will come across your site. Thus, you are following specific information and it becomes easy for the visitors to find you and reach you. While minisites are expected to have less number of web pages, the count can rise up. This depends on requirements.

These can also be used to maximize your search engine optimization. Thus the minisite templates that you are creating must adhere to the Google algorithm and that too, the latest one. To create such sites, you will require the help of the experts. There are several professionals who can help you out in creating the minisite templates. The rules for creating a minisite are similar to any website. The only difference is that it has to be more concise and direct. The main aim of this site is to make the visitor take an action, a positive action, for your products. Hence, the visual effect and the content, both should be impressive.

 A minisite template is quite easy to create. And then you can copy this template as many times as you want. Once there is a set formula, now your work becomes easier. Even for future references you can use these templates. Your first step to create a minisite template is to choose the keyword. For each site there will be different set of keywords or phrases for search engine optimization. The design should be simple and clean. The entire focus should be on what you are offering. Create one design formula which you can use for all the products. The content and images might vary from one product to another. 

As mentioned earlier you content needs to be specific. Avoid duplicate content if you do not want to penalized severely by Google. Come straight to the point about your product and services and lead the prospective client to buy the same. Do not forget to include a call to action button or ‘buy now’ one. this is the primary aim of any minisite. It leads the customer to buy the product. Hence, while creating a minisite template, it is essential to keep this point in mind.